A Tale of Two Mahogany Alternatives

A traditional favorite used in furniture and high-end millwork, Mahogany has a rich history spanning hundreds of years. Sadly, its rising price point has made this species less accessible for many woodworkers. As regulation of Mahogany has increased, the supply chain has added additional cost, leaving many once-devout Mahogany fans with more questions than answers. […]

Sapele Wood – Suppliers & Wood FAQs

Sapele is a hardwood that is most famous for its unique and beautiful appearance. The boards of Sapele wood are comprised of an interlocking grain pattern that create ribbon stripes of alternative light and dark bands throughout the lumber. These attractive ribbons tend to be enhanced when the boards are quartersawn, and the wood is […]

Sapele Facts and Common Applications

The exotic hardwood called Sapele is sourced in Africa and finds uses as flooring, doors and window frames, cabinetry, and musical instruments. Related to both Mahogany and Utile, Sapele is less expensive than both of those related woods, while sharing many of their prized characteristics as well its own distinctive traits. Sapele is harder than […]

Top Three Exotic Hardwoods From Africa

At J. Gibson McIlvain, we import many tropical lumber species, many of which come from Africa. We are serious about quality, though, so before we form a relationship with a new source, our highly trained experts visit the lumber mill personally. During those initial visits, we check for sustainability efforts, continuous supply, and premium quality. […]