How To Eliminate Plywood Confusion

The plywood market is a difficult one to discern, and no one is arguing that fact. But that doesn’t mean you can’t become better able to navigate the twists and turns that are part of the plywood industry. In short, your confusion doesn’t have to be a permanent condition. In addition to the suggestions we […]

Hardwood Plywood

Plywood is a type of wood that is engineered in such a way that it is well-suited to a wide variety of applications. Plywood is manufactured by adhering multiple layers of wood veneer – extremely thin layers of wood – to one another with a special type of durable glue. When the veneer layers are […]

Understanding Increased Hardwood Plywood Prices

In February 2013, the US Department of Commerce approved a 23% Countervailing Duty on Chinese imports of hardwood plywood. While supposedly aimed at protecting domestic manufacturers, the overall beneficial effect on the hardwood plywood industry is highly debatable. Since the increased prices on imported ply have surfaced, prices of domestically manufactured hardwood plywood have risen […]

Bruynzeel Marine-Grade Plywood

At J. Gibson McIlvain, we’ve found that boat builders have a special appreciation for the 100% weather resistant plies of Bruynzeel marine-grade plywood that we supply. The BS1088 certification clearly communicates this manufactured wood product’s suitability to boat building. We’re so impressed with the high quality of this product that we’ve decided to do more […]

The Right Wood for Rafts

A wooden raft likely evokes memories of the famous river-raft escape in the classic tale Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. While tying a few logs together might help you safely float down stream long enough to read a classic novel, you’ll need to be a little more selective with the wood you choose if you want […]

Marine Grade Plywood

Marine grade plywood generally refers to plywood constructed from one of two species: Douglas Fir or Okoume. Both types of marine grade plywood are used in exterior applications in which the final project must be capable of withstanding very high moisture contents or even complete submersion – projects such as boat building, piers, docks, and […]