Comparing Jatoba and Ipe, Part 2

In addition to hardness, stiffness, and weight (see Part 1), there are a few more categories useful in comparing Jatoba and Ipe. While both are excellent choices of tropical decking species, Ipe is, by far, the favored one. As Ipe becomes increasingly difficult to source, some builders and customers alike are finding Jatoba to be […]

Comparing Jatoba and Ipe, Part 1

Jatoba is quickly rising to the top as an Ipe alternative for decking. While Ipe is still available, despite shortages, we think it’s important for customers to be able to make an informed decision about whether Jatoba would meet the needs of individual projects. Since the characteristics of Ipe are well known, we’d like to […]

The Price We Pay for High-Quality Ipe

At J. Gibson McIlvain Lumber, we pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards of quality control (learn about our quality process). Over our more than two centuries as a lumber company, we’ve established a reputation for maintaining a scrupulous inventory of domestic and exotic species. Particularly when it comes to tropical decking species such as […]

It’s Beginning To Look a Lot Like . . . Time To Buy Ipe Decking?

As we North Americans start seeing the white stuff fly and get ready to celebrate the winter holidays, building decks is probably the last thing on our minds. As the temperatures steadily decrease, the “wintery mix” has long since buried our memories of last summer’s BBQs. However, lumber suppliers like J. Gibson McIlvain are gearing […]

Ipe Decking – FAQs & Wholesale Supplier Information

Ipe is a famous and prized Brazilian tropical hardwood that is used most often in outdoor applications, especially for decking projects. Ipe decking is world renowned for its attractiveness, durability, and overall toughness, and this outstanding reputation is well-earned because it’s known for being one of the only hardwoods that will last for as long […]

Iron Ipe

Anyone who owns a wood deck knows the woes of staining, rotting, and warping. The beauty, leisure, and comfort of a wood deck can fade when it comes to deck care. Ipe is the lumber for people who wish to have a beautiful wooden deck without all the hassle. Any deck owner would be lucky […]

How Do You Want Your Ipe Dried?

As a decking material, the hardness and appearance of Ipe both contribute to making it second-to-none among tropical hardwood decking species. Since boards are S4S (surfaced on all 4 sides) and E4E (eased on all 4 edges), you don’t have to worry about sharp edges or splintering. You can also purchase boards with grooves for […]