Unusual Hardwoods Available For Wholesale

Looking for exotic hardwood to make a statement in your next project? Most wholesalers do not carry a large variety, meaning their selection might not meet your needs. McIlvain Company, on the other hand, has a vast inventory available and relationships around the globe to obtain exotic hardwoods for specialty projects.

Here is a snapshot of hardwoods J. Gibson McIlvain has in stock for wholesale. Inquiries about hardwoods not mentioned below are always welcome, as McIlvain is confident that with the right amount of time, they can supply the wood you need.


Striking patterns belong to the Zebrawood alone. This unique hardwood, hailing from Central Africa, is heavy and coarse in texture, and its uses vary from furniture to musical instruments and gun or car accents. The alternating light and dark pattern is akin to the stripes of the zebra, hence its name, and quarter-sawing amplifies this dramatic patterning.

This is a difficult wood to work with, but when used correctly by skilled craftsmen, the beautiful Zebrawood is worth the trouble.


Looking for vibrant color without the mess of staining? Purpleheart lumber is perfect for furniture, millwork, boats and decking. This straight-grained hard wood comes from Central and South America tropical regions. The heartwood is vibrant purple, which deepens into a rich purple-brown when exposed to the sun.

Purpleheart lumber displays great strength and stiffness, qualities that can make it difficult to work with. The hardness of the wood is also a concern, but this wood is also very resistance to decay or acid, ensuring a strong exterior structure. With patience and knowledge, this hardwood could be the right choice for your next project.


For one of the most unique lumber patterns, turn to the Brazilian Tigerwood. The reddish-orange background and black stripes resemble the pelt of a Bengal tiger, and this dramatic pattern adds luxury and interest to any project.

The hardness and decay resistance of this hardwood make it excellent for decking, and movement in this wood is minimal because of its density. This natural resistance to movement and warping translates into durability for any surface. In addition, the strength in this hardwood helps it remain smooth and splinter-free.

A Tigerwood deck will weather naturally without a sealant or stain. Sun exposure will gradually lighten the vibrant colors, but this process can be slowed with oil.

Ordering any of the aforementioned hardwoods wholesale from J. Gibson McIlvain will guarantee that your lumber is excellent quality and has been harvested u sing eco-friendly forestry practices. McIlvain is able to offer such unique selection because of their vast knowledge and connections in the lumber community. Trusted by professionals and new comers alike for over 200 years, McIlvain is the best choice for your hardwood selection. To learn more about McIlvain and the lumber industry, visit them online today, or check out these selections from their lumber blog:

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