Specialty Softwood Products

The same quality that you’ve come to trust when it comes to hardwoods and millwork from J. Gibson McIlvain Lumber now extends to softwoods, including high-end products such as tongue-and-groove Yellow Cedar and Red Cedar bevel-edge siding. These specialty products are dried, moved, stored, and shipped with the specific needs of softwoods in mind. While you can almost certainly find construction-grade softwoods for framing needs available at your local big box retailer, you just as surely will not find the kind of carefully milled and cautiously handled quality that our premium millwork and other softwood products reflect. We at McIlvain firmly believe that we are the nation’s best choice for hardwoods, plywoods, millwork, and now softwoods, too.

Experience and Growth in Softwoods Handling

With more than 200 years of experience in the wholesale lumber business under our belts, McIlvain Lumber ventured into the softwoods market only a decade ago. We quickly learned that softwoods have very different needs from the hardwoods to which we were accustomed.

Early in our softwoods extension, we learned the hard way that we would need a different process and even a separate space reserved for softwoods in order to cater to their unique needs. We added a new softwoods dedicated facility in order to accommodate the needs for more careful handling, and now we take steps like the following to ensure that these more easily damaged lumber products make it to your jobsite in pristine condition:

• Wrapping softwoods in order to keep dirt off finished surfaces
• Keeping softwoods under cover during storage
• Carefully packaging and banding to protect lumber during loading

Those added steps help us make sure that your softwoods products will arrive on your job site, ready for installation, rather than marred from the shipping and handling process.

Quality Softwoods Products for Specialty Applications

When it comes to durability and aesthetics, you really can’t put a price on quality. Both contractors and homeowners alike know that premium materials—including lumber and wood products—are well worth the added expense. Two trending products that we proudly provide are tongue-and-groove Yellow Cedar and Red Cedar bevel-edge siding.

Alaskan Yellow Cedar excels in durability, in part because of its high resistance to damage by termites, fire, rotting, and chemicals. Long used in marine applications, this strong wood species can be used structurally for applications like bridges, while at the same time boasting workability and tight grain patterns that also make it ideal for decorative paneling and cabinetry. With 50-60 annual rings per inch, Yellow Cedar is often used for carvings and other specialty applications.

In addition to tongue-and-groove Yellow Cedar, Western Red Cedar bevel-edge siding is a highly acclaimed and increasingly popular product for home exteriors. With characteristics similar to those of Yellow Cedar, the nearly invisible joints of Red Cedar bevel-edge siding provide both a beautiful appearance and optimal weather resistance. The pieces are thicker on one side than the other and are also smooth on one face but textured on the other face, providing two distinct appearance options for customers who choose this premium softwood product.

For over 200 years, McIlvain Company has been providing some of the nation’s most discerning customers with the highest quality wood in the world. Whether you are in the market for plywood, millwork, domestic or exotic hardwoods or softwoods, or just information for your next project, McIlvain  Company is here to help. As one of the nation’s oldest and most respected lumber importers and wholesalers, McIlvain is your go-to source for all things lumber-related. For more information, to request a free quote, or to search our vast inventory, visit us online today. And for insider tips and woodworking tricks, check out these selections from our blog:

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