Pioneer Collection Pine Floors

Rehmeyer Pioneer Collection: Heart Pine Flooring with Tung Oil

Rehmeyer Pioneer Collection: Heart Pine Flooring with Tung Oil

Since 1995, Rehmeyer Wood Floors has been crafting one-of-a-kind wide plank hardwood flooring in our York County, Pennsylvania, mill. Among the many Custom Collections and Species we offer, one of our customer favorites is our Pioneer Collection Pine flooring.

Pioneer Collection Basics

The Pioneer Collection from Rehmeyer begins with top quality hardwood flooring that’s specially graded in order to showcase the exceptional beauty of each individual species. Depending on your choice of species, this collection can vary greatly in the unique hardness, style, color, and grain — yet any will coordinate well with a wide range of decorating styles.

In addition to the varieties of Pine we’ll look into in detail below, Pioneer Collection flooring is also available in Cherry, Hickory, Red Birch, Red Oak, Walnut, White Oak, and Wormy Maple. Regardless of species, each floor is sold in random widths of 3, 4, and 5 inches and in lengths ranging from 18 inches to 120 inches.

Rehmeyer Old Trail Collection: Distressed Pine Flooring

Rehmeyer Old Trail Collection: Distressed Pine Flooring

Each board is sold unfinished, with the intention that it’s sanded and finished as a complete floor, on site in your home or office. Our Tung Oil finish and other options that complement your wood floor are available, upon request. Other options we recommend for Pioneer Collection flooring include Pre-Sanding with Soft Edge or Micro-Bevel Edges, and our Flush Pegs.

New Pine Floors

Our Pioneer Collection floors are available in both Eastern White Pine and Longleaf Southern Pine. The former is generally considered a softer wood, so it may not be ideal for high-traffic areas; however, if it’s a warm ambiance you’re after, it will certainly deliver. A Tung Oil finish will complement the already welcoming warmth of the wood.

Considered new-growth Heart Pine, our Longleaf Southern Pine floors are constructed from newly milled lumber from century-old trees. As such, this new wood has many stories to tell through its abundance of natural character. Tung Oil accentuates the rich grain patterns and highlights the natural beauty of this wood.

Rehmeyer Extreme Custom Floors: Reclaimed Antique Wide Plank Heart Pine Flooring

Rehmeyer Extreme Custom Floors: Reclaimed Antique Wide Plank Heart Pine Flooring

Reclaimed Heart Pine Floors

Perhaps our most sought-after flooring options, our Pioneer Collection Reclaimed Heart Pine floors begin with salvaged wood that was once used for old mills, barns, or other structures dating back to the early twentieth century, or even further back. We give the well-worn boards new life by re-sawing them and milling them into custom wide-plank flooring.

In their new capacity, these boards create floors with beautiful, rich patina and distinctive grain, along with the strength and durability that comes with experience. Both history enthusiasts and trend-setting designers simply adore the results we get when we make these old boards new again.

If you’re more interested in new wood that looks old, we can do that, too! Check out our three uniquely hand-distressed flooring styles:
Hand Scraped Collection
Legacy Collection
Old Trail Collection

Rehmeyer Wood Floors

Rehmeyer Wood Floors offers a full range of custom milled and stock wide plank hardwood flooring. Rehmeyer’s flooring is all 3/4″ solid hardwood and sold unfinished, prefinished or completely custom finished to suit your project. Call Rehmeyer Wood Floors today toll free at (888) 474-4047 or visit their website at to learn more about their custom flooring services. Rehmeyer Wood Floors ships nationwide.

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