Make a Dramatic Statement with Light or Dark Wood Floors

curved hallway with rehmeyer pioneer hickory flooring

Curved hallway with Rehmeyer Pioneer Hickory Flooring

Color trends are important, when it comes to wood floors. Of course, they’re not nearly as important as color trends with other flooring materials, since wood floors can certainly be refinished and stained a different shade, as those trends change. What’s in vogue right now, when it comes to wood flooring colors? It’s all about extremes: dark and light. Many design forecasters predict this trend will continue for many years, and we certainly love the dramatic effects of colors on both ends of the spectrum. Rehmeyer offers plenty of options for both espresso and blonde tones, in a variety of styles to suit your personal taste.

Blondes Have More Fun: Rehmeyer Light Wood Flooring Options

Blonde-toned flooring is perfect to complement the fresh look of Mid-Century Modern décor, provide the sandy backdrop for Nautical design, or as a backdrop against which the cheer bright accents of Farmhouse styles can truly “pop.” The golden tones of clear-grade Ash offer some of the lightest flooring you can find. As part of our Prestige Collection, this knot-free flooring provides a pristine background that blends especially well with crisp Modern lines.

Rehmeyer Pioneer Hickory hardwood flooring

Rehmeyer Pioneer Hickory hardwood flooring

Another blonde-toned wood, Maple flooring is available in either the Prestige Collection or the Pioneer Collection. The Birdseye Maple we select for our Prestige Collection is a creamy color that rivals Ash for lightness. With limited availability, its unique markings capitalize on the sandy tones that are just right for Nautical décor.

White Oak is more of a golden blonde hue and can be finished in any of the five Rehmeyer Custom Collection styles. Those that use a character-grade version of this domestic favorite find that it offers visual warmth to any room. Farmhouse design blends especially well with any of the three distressed collections.

Contemporary bedroom with Rehmeyer Hardwood Flooring

Contemporary bedroom with Rehmeyer Hardwood Flooring

Go Dark or Go Home: Rehmeyer Dark Wood Flooring Options

Dark tones create a rich, glamorous appearance that many find striking. The favored species for this look is Walnut. Both Industrial design, with its exposed beams and rustic elements, and Bohemian styles, with their rich, warm hues and dramatic statements, blend well with Walnut wood floors. When given a distressed finish, Walnut becomes even more dramatic, hinting at heritage designs. While Rehmeyer offers Walnut wood floors in any of our five Custom Collections, we think it looks best when it’s distressed. Authentic Hand Scraped Collection Walnut with Time-Worn Pegs is definitely a favorite.

kitchen with custom milled rehmeyer hardwood floor

Kitchen with custom milled Rehmeyer Hardwood Floor

For the best of both worlds, you may want to consider one of our Extreme Custom designs, Pin-Striped Walnut with a Hard Maple Feature Strip. Designed for a Nautical themed room, the dramatic statement made by pairing the Walnut with the Maple was truly a work of art. Along with other accessories, feature strips are available in Hickory, Purple Heart, Red Oak, or Walnut, as well.

Rehmeyer Wood Floors

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