Log Home and Timber Frame Provisions

Log homes and timber frame construction provide unique settings in which to showcase massive specimens of lumber and craftsmanship. They echo with nostalgia for a bygone era in which pegged joints and solid wood joinery were appreciated as they should be. The strength required of thick posts and gigantic trusses elicit feelings of awe. As timber frame construction ventures beyond the scope of rustic homes, the industry is on the rise. However, the sheer length and quantity of appearance-grade lumber required can sometimes be difficult to obtain. Luckily, the longtime lumber specialists at J. Gibson McIlvain Lumber consistently provide the Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar that is suitable for this industry.

A premier log home or building with timber framing begins with premium raw materials. The large timbers and specialty products required for these projects necessitate a seller who prizes quality and attention-to-detail as much as master craftsmen do. When it comes to pegged and draw-bored mortise and tenon joints, only the best lumber will do. At J. Gibson McIlvain, we take quality control seriously.

As the timber of choice for structural parts, Douglas Fir boasts excellent strength and weather resistance. Because these trees quickly grow to great heights and widths, they’re easily available—a key factor when large lengths and widths are needed. Widths such as 8”x8” or even 12”x12” are common, as are lengths of 25 feet and longer. The tight grain of Douglas Fir finishes well, making it an ideal species for timber framing needs. One downside for a Midwest or East Coast supplier is that Douglas Fir grows only in the Pacific Northwest, making shipping such large timbers difficult and expensive with some suppliers. Other suppliers, though, like McIlvain, offer nationwide shipping, thus eliminating this drawback.

For lovers of that rustic look, White Oak may be more desirable. Strong and weather-resistant like Douglas Fir, this species is also plentiful enough to meet demand.

With the structural parts taken care of, there are still more raw materials needed. Hardwood flooring, paneling, mouldings, doors, and windows all require lumber that matches the design. Some within the timber frame industry outsource those aspects of the build, while others do all the work in-house to achieve optimal design continuity. Both builders and subcontractors require lumber providers that keep inventories of various sizes and species available and ready to ship.

J. Gibson McIlvain can provide for all the needs of timber frame and log home builders. In fact, we even have a buyer dedicated exclusively to this distinct market. This expert is responsible for sourcing and maintaining structural timbers with the highest appearance grade. We keep timbers with widths topping 32 inches and lengths of 40 feet, ready to be shipped to your job site at any time. We understand the industry’s needs, and we stand ready to meet them each and every time we’re given the opportunity.

For over 200 years, McIlvain has provided the nation’s most discerning customers with the highest quality lumber in the world. From domestic and exotic hardwoods and softwoods to plywoods and custom millwork, McIlvain has the lumber products and services that you need to help make your next project a success. For more information on what sets McIlvain apart, to request a free quote, or to see their full line of top-quality lumber, click here to visit them online. And for insider tips and woodworking tricks, check out these selections from their blog:

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