Is an Open Concept Floor Plan Right for You?

open floor plan rehmeyer flooring

Home with open floor plan and Rehmeyer Flooring

While compartmentalized floor plans were the norm back in the 1950s and 60s, most of today’s new homes have open concept floor plans. Even older homes are being renovated to match this modern ideal, but it might not be right for everyone. If you’ve lived in an older home, without an open layout, perhaps you yearn for those wide open, airy spaces. But before you take that leap and knock out walls or buy that new home across town, you may want to consider what exactly that shift will mean, and if it’s right for you and your family.

Visual Impressions

Open concept layouts can appear spacious and inviting, evoking a Zen-like aura, especially in the magazines. But in real life, they can also lend toward being cluttered, offering no place for the not-so-fastidious housekeepers among us to hide the piles when unexpected guests appear. That visual disruption of the calm can lead to a stress response that certainly conflicts with the unified, peaceful look and feel you’re after.

Pennsylvania Street of Dreams home with Rehmeyer Flooring

Pennsylvania Street of Dreams home with Rehmeyer Flooring

An added down side to an open concept layout is that it leaves less wall space for decorations, including family photographs and other artwork. If surrounding yourself with such items is important to you, less wall space will offer you fewer opportunities to display the things you love.

On the flip side, of course, you’ll get to let in more natural light. And for some people, the idea of having fewer places to hide clutter can provide helpful motivation to keep everything neat and get rid of unneeded things, without the dreaded task of going through the catch-all “bonus room” hanging over their head. The task of decorating several rooms with barren walls can also be intimidating for some, so fewer walls can offer a welcome reprieve from more to-do’s.

Sound Considerations

Just as the visual flow of an open concept can be a positive or a negative, auditory movement can also go both ways. Without walls to interrupt and absorb sound, being on the other side of the house can sound like you’re right next to someone. For some, that means more family connectedness and entertaining interaction. For others, it can mean never having respite from the noise of electronics or other family members, leading to either conflict or retreat to bedrooms or other locales.

authentic hand scraped walnut flooring smoke accents soft edges time worn pegs tung oil finish

Rehmeyer’s Authentic Hand Scraped Walnut Flooring with smoke accents, soft edges, time worn pegs, and a tung oil finish

You can certainly make up for some of these auditory issues by incorporating textiles into your home’s décor. From blankets and pillows to area rugs, you can provide sound-absorbing accent pieces.

You can also eliminate the extremes of visual clutter and auditory overstimulation by using wood floors throughout, instead of using tile or having different flooring in various areas of your home. Whether you decide on an open concept layout or take a more compartmentalized approach, premium wide plank hardwood floors from Rehmeyer can enhance your home’s appearance, spanning all kinds of stylistic trends.

Rehmeyer Wood Floors

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