Interior Design Trends: Farmhouse Entryways and Bedroom Accent Walls

hallway with rehmeyer wood flooring

Rehmeyer Hand Scraped White Oak Wide Plank Flooring

Rehmeyer Hand Scraped White Oak Wide Plank Flooring

Living rooms and kitchens aren’t the only places where new trends are forming: from the entryway to the most intimate rooms of your home, a central theme is trending. What is that trend? It’s really not new at all. It’s wood. From cabinetry to walling and flooring, the most sustainable, green building material out there is trending all over the house!

Farmhouse Entryways

What’s being called the farmhouse entryway is focused on function, not frills. We’re not talking about anything fancy here: smart storage and durable materials and finishes are important in this room that takes a beating every day. If you’re in a cold climate, heated floors are growing in popularity, melting snow and drying boots like it’s 2016. Of course, not all flooring types are ideal with such heating, but wide plank wood floors in a variety of species can combine with the right storage and room design to provide the perfect farmhouse entryway that offers the beauty found in practical simplicity.

Rehmeyer Legacy Red Birch Foot Worn Flooring with Pegs

Rehmeyer Legacy Red Birch Foot Worn Flooring with Pegs

Rustic Bedroom Features

Today’s accent walls aren’t just painted a different color than the other walls of a room — the accent walls of today include real texture by the use of rustic wood.

With its variegated color and the naturally warm ambiance that wood evokes, this kind of wall can provide a unique pairing with an otherwise Modern décor scheme; however, it’s perfect for Eclectic design as well.

You could continue the time-worn look with hand-scraped, character-grade Legacy Collection flooring, or you could offer a contrast with clear-grade Prestige Collection flooring. Another popular option for those with larger remodeling/construction budgets is to go completely nontraditional and create your own Extreme Custom wood floor.

rehmeyer old trail distressed pine flooring

Rehmeyer Old Trail Distressed Pine Flooring

Hardwood Flooring

Among the many flooring options out there, hardwood flooring is one that you can count on to both coordinate with all the 2016 design trends and increase your home’s value and salability. Its appeal is not going to disappear with next year’s trends. Home buyers everywhere request hardwood floors, and if your floors have a different finish than your home’s next owners prefer, they can always have them refinished.

While hardwood floors may be more costly initially than other flooring types, they definitely outlast most other options and earn their keep. If you’re afraid your hardwood floors won’t help you retain the warm, cozy environment you’re after or that they’re becoming too common, Rehmeyer offers specialty options like accent colors that will truly make your floors one-of-a-kind works of art. And since our floors are made individually just for you, you can be sure that you’ll have a unique floor that you helped design! Made in York County, Pennsylvania since 1995, our flooring will stand the test of time – and the trends.

Rehmeyer Wood Floors

Rehmeyer Wood Floors offers a full range of custom milled and stock wide plank hardwood flooring. Rehmeyer’s flooring is all 3/4″ solid hardwood and sold unfinished, prefinished or completely custom finished to suit your project. Call Rehmeyer Wood Floors today toll free at (888) 474-4047 or visit their website at to learn more about their custom flooring services. Rehmeyer Wood Floors ships nationwide.

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