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mahogany tree

Genuine Mahogany Tree

As one of the country’s most prized types of wood, Mahogany – specifically, Genuine Mahogany – is a wood that requires very little introduction. Mahogany is well loved mainly as a result of its beautiful reddish brown coloration, but it also has a number of other positive characteristics. For example, the trees from which Mahogany lumber is harvested generally produce Mahogany boards with a straight grain and a consistent pattern and coloration. The lumber tends to be free of pockets and voids, and the trees tend to grow rather large, meaning that obtaining large and wide clear boards is usually not as difficult as it can be with some other species.

Genuine Mahogany is produced in South and Central America, but there are many variants and substitutes for the species, many of which are sourced from Asia and Africa. These alternatives were sought years ago when the popularity of Genuine Mahogany, combined with poorly managed logging practices of the species, resulted in dwindling supplies of the lumber. However, today’s supplies of Genuine Mahogany are plentiful and carefully managed, so there should be little concern when considering purchasing this type of wood.

Genuine Mahogany Logs

Genuine Mahogany Logs

In addition to Genuine Mahogany’s beautiful coloration and grain pattern, the wood is also popular as a result of its easy workability. Although it is a hardwood, it machines and carves very well, making it a favorite among craftsmen. Genuine Mahogany – although traditionally an interior wood – has recently become extremely popular as an exterior species. Especially among manufacturers of windows and doors, Genuine Mahogany is prized for its remarkable resistance to moisture absorption and rot, as well as its general durability.

As noted, Genuine Mahogany is a wood primarily favored for use in indoor applications. Cabinetry, flooring, and especially furniture are some of the wood’s more common uses, and much of the highest quality furniture manufactured in the American Colonies during the mid 18th century was constructed from Genuine Mahogany. As a result, Genuine Mahogany is often used in reconstruction work, as well as in creating new and beautiful furniture pieces.

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