Extreme Custom Wood Flooring: A Feast for the Imagination

Ash – French Country Styling

Ash – French Country Styling

For those with high-end taste who want a truly unique look, Rehmeyer Extreme Custom wood floors can satisfy your appetite. Our Extreme Custom flooring transcends categories like traditional or contemporary. There’s no open stock or catalog. With your imagination as our guide, our skilled craftsmen expertly mill and creatively finish premium specimens of lumber in a way that makes your floor a true work of art.

We offer the following descriptions as a way to whet your appetite and spark your creativity as you begin dreaming up your own Extreme Custom wood floor.

Random-Width Ash with French Country Styling

For a look resembling well-worn paint, Ash provides that trendy reclaimed look with all new materials. Our expert craftsmen fashion this precision-milled solid hardwood, using random-width Ash to complement your casual, eclectic décor. For a particularly “Shabby Chic” appeal, we can use a French Blue finish.

Pin –Striped Walnut with Hard Maple Feature Strip

Again building on the beauty of random widths, this design combines unsteamed wide-plank Walnut flooring with one-inch Hard Maple feature strips. The contrast makes for a striking design in a formal room and is accentuated with a Tung Oil finish.

Pin – Striped Walnut with Hard Maple Feature Strip

Pin – Striped Walnut with Hard Maple Feature Strip

Reclaimed Heart Pine

For those who desire a truly reclaimed floor, we recommend our Reclaimed Wide Plank Heart Pine flooring. We start with antique boards and add a custom dark stain, bringing out the natural grain. Then we use a specialty sanding technique and finish with Tung Oil, enabling us to give new life to a piece of history.

Red Ash

Using the clearest possible grade of Ash, this flooring option includes an attention-getting pop of color as well as handcrafted texture. Wire brushing and custom sanding techniques combine to reveal the wood’s gorgeous grain. Finish includes custom staining, complete with application of the accent color. When combined with the surface texture work, the result is absolutely stunning! We’ve used this look for restaurants and homes, retail establishments and uptown lofts. It fits in anywhere you desire a distinctive look.

Red Oak

We finish our Red Oak floors with our own unique process that we call our Rehmeyer Process. A special heat treatment combines with a custom finish using hand-rubbed Tung Oil to improve weather- and insect-resistance and bring out the natural beauty of this beautiful wood.

Reclaimed Heart Pine

Reclaimed Heart Pine


One of the many unique exotic species our customers request, Ofram is a sustainable African hardwood with a lot of character. Its grain is fairly straight, but natural features such as worm holes add definite interest. The pale background accentuates the darker lines of grain, and we highlight this distinctive look with Tung Oil.

Extreme Wide Plank White Oak

Using a one-of-a-kind combination of plain sawn, rift-sawn, and quartersawn lumber, we can create unique White Oak flooring in widths ranging from 12 to 15 inches in width, in order to match the scale of any wide, open space. For maximum eye appeal, we use custom lengths from 5 to 12 feet. On-site sanding and Tung Oil provide a beautiful finish.

Rehmeyer Wood Floors

Rehmeyer Wood Floors offers a full range of custom milled and stock wide plank hardwood flooring. Rehmeyer’s flooring is all 3/4″ solid hardwood and sold unfinished, prefinished or completely custom finished to suit your project. Call Rehmeyer Wood Floors today toll free at (888) 474-4047 or visit their website at RehmeyerFloors.com to learn more about their custom flooring services. Rehmeyer Wood Floors ships nationwide.

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