Cumaru Decking – Wholesale Supplier Information

Cumaru is a fantastic decking material that is sourced from South America. Although it is often confused with Teak lumber, Cumaru wood is an altogether different type of lumber and is actually sourced from the opposite end of the world, meaning many of its natural characteristics are quite dissimilar. It does share some of Teak’s famous resistance to weather wear, and its coloration is also quite close to Teak’s, but beyond that, Teak and Cumaru woods are very different. Whereas Teak is often used for boat building or in yacht construction, Cumaru is frequently used as an alternative to more costly decking lumbers such as Ipe and Massaranduba.

cumaru decking supplierCumaru is an exceptional decking option. Its hardness and strength are far superior to lesser decking woods, such as Western Red Cedar, and its stability is also admirable. The wood kiln drives evenly and is only very slightly prone to checking after installation. What’s more, despite its interlocking grain pattern and density density, which help to make it more durable as a lumber for use in exterior applications, it also machines well. This workability also contributes to Cumaru’s positive reputation.

Cumaru is an oily wood, and its high oil content helps to increase the lumber’s resistance to the elements. Its natural texture, which is sometimes waxy, helps to make the wood more resistant to weather and insect damage. Although this oil content can sometimes cause problems with finishing or gluing, it is very easy to strip away the oil with a pretreatment process, thereby preparing the wood nicely for the finishing and gluing processes.

Cumaru is not the cheapest decking option, but it’s also not the most expensive. This makes it a great alternative to Ipe lumber, yet it is still high quality enough to please discerning customers who want to avoid confronting the stability and durability options that sometimes occur when faced with the cheapest decking options. Although Cumaru is used in a variety of applications – mostly outdoor -, its main use is for deck building. The wood’s density, strength, attractiveness, stability, and natural resistance to the elements make it perfect for creating high quality decks that will provide a lifetime of use and enjoyment.

J. Gibson McIlvain Company, located in White Marsh, Maryland, is an importer and wholesaler of Cumaru decking. Contact a representative at McIlvain by calling 800-638-9100 to learn more about Cumaru pricing and the suitability of Cumaru for your project.

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