Composite Product Overview: NuCedar Cladding, Part 2

nucedar composite
NuCedar products are definitely in a class all their own, when it comes to synthetics. As we mentioned previously, one major game-changing factor is that they are milled, rather than molded or poured. Available in 18 color options, 2 textures, and 3 unique exposures, all of which feature special solar-reflective coating that allows for decreased energy costs. Find out more of why J. Gibson McIlvain Lumber is breaking out from our usual wood-only product line to offer these unique new products.

Convenient Installation Assistance

nucedar manufacturing milling process

NuCedar milling process

In addition to the Installation Guides, which are free for download from the NuCedar website, many NuCedar products are extremely easy to install, thanks to the company’s Universal Trim and Snap-In Insert™. These products allow you to create the same traditional look of butted cedar clapboard surrounding a home’s windows and doors as well as accentuating corners.

NuCedar Universal Trim includes a retainer and milled chalk line that simplifies expansion and contraction in clapboard runs of up to 48 feet. Along with the unique Snap-In Inserts™ (download PDF), the Universal Trim allows these unique PVC products to offer the same kind of traditional appearance of butted cedar. Vertical siding can also be easily installed, thanks to Cortex Hidden Fastener Systems, which come in the same textures and colors as NuCedar Vertical Siding.

Classic Cedar Shingles

nucedar shingles s quiver tan

18 different shingle colors available

Cedar Shingles provide an aesthetic statement, with each uniquely colored shingle contributing to the overall effect. Like real cedar shingles, each NuCedar shingle is unique. Like all NuCedar products, NuCedar Shingles are milled in a sawmill, where they’re given the same kind of texture as natural wood. They’re finished with brushing patterns which produce unique coloring and shading on each shingle, allowing for an exterior effect reminiscent of a quilt or the variegated colors of farmland or forests. While the effect is arguably just as striking as natural cedar shingles, the longevity and low-maintenance quality of NuCedar Shingles surpasses that of real wood.

nucedar shingles s bracing blue

Find the perfect color for your home

Like NuCedar Vertical Siding, NuCedar Shingles are easy to install. NuCedar Shingles replicate many characteristics of traditional cedar shingles: they’re rebutted, precisely tapered, and resquared. They are made to accommodate 5-inch and 7-inch exposures.

Like craftsmen have done for centuries with painted cedar shingles, NuCedar Shingles can be installed artistically, with a Boston Weave on corners, contours above windows or doors.

When it comes to any roof — but especially those along mountain ridges or along the beach — the solar-reflective finish of NuCedar Shingles is important. While standard cladding materials can be damaged by UV rays, NuCedar Shingles will not absorb those rays, allowing them to protect your home for a longer period of time. NuCedar Shingles come in either 13-inch or 18-inch sizes.

While NuCedar Shingles are arguably the cornerstone products made by NuCedar Mills, many other products round out their offerings. We’ll survey them in our next post.

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Loading lumber at J Gibson McIlvain lumberyard

Loading lumber at J Gibson McIlvain lumberyard

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