Catering to Cabinet and Furniture Makers

J. Gibson McIlvain helps craftsman produce fine workmanship by supplying premium raw materials for all kinds of cabinetry and furniture projects. From commercial office interiors and custom built-in designs to antique restoration pieces to modern furnishings, J. Gibson McIlvain has the top-quality materials you need for your next project. Two of the craftsmen we specialize in supplying are cabinet makers and furniture makers.

Unique Needs of Cabinet Makers

For cabinet makers, we supply both the domestic and exotic hardwoods needed for solid wood face frame construction and the hardwood plywood commonly used for cabinet panels and sides. We’re also equipped to meet the needs of high-end cabinetry jobs. For example, we stock carefully dried solid hardwood boards in wide widths suitable for door panels and case sides.

From our millwork ship, we run custom cope and stick door parts, door panel profiles, and moulding profiles. While we have the capability of milling, shaping, and delivering your product (and are more than happy to do so), we realize that you may prefer to receive only the raw materials in order to craft the product on your own. For those who pride themselves on in-house workmanship, we provide premium solid wood and plywood materials to fuel your project.

Instead of sourcing your exotic hardwoods like Mahogany from one supplier and domestic species like Red Oak from another, J. Gibson McIlvain allows you to do one-stop shopping, saving you and your customers time and- just as importantly- money. Even unusual requests for uncommon woods like Iroko or Zebrawood are readily available through us.

Unique Needs of Furniture Makers

McIlvain Lumber has a rich history of supplying furniture makers with the lumber they need. In fact, throughout the 1800s, our hardwoods were supplied primarily to furniture makers. While the furniture industry is no longer our main clientele, we are still well-equipped to provide the high-quality lumber required by these master craftsmen.

We understand that the manner in which lumber is sawn greatly impacts its end use in a furniture piece. For tables or desk legs, for example, rift-sawn lumber provides consistent grain that appeals to the eye. We also know that lumber movement is important, so quartersawn and flat-sawn lumber help compensate for the aesthetically pleasing rift-sawn wood. Finally, we understand that furniture makers generally prefer to build a piece from a single log or board in order to achieve consistency in grain and color. We cater to these special needs like no other lumber supplier.

For those who need assistance in selecting just the right species for a piece, the experts at J. Gibson McIlvain can help you realize the pros and cons of each prospective option. The style is limited only by your imagination, but the quality and selection is limited by your lumber dealer of choice. With J. Gibson McIlvain, you’ll be locked into the highest echelon of lumber but given a vast array of species from which to choose.

The furniture and cabinetry industries are only two of many to which we cater here at McIlvain. No matter the end use, our commitment to quality and capability to offer a variety of lumber products brings our customers back, year after year and century after century. Our commitment to supplying only the highest quality lumber at affordable prices has helped us to remain a lumber industry leader for over 200 years. For more information on what sets McIlvain Lumber apart, to request a free quote, or to see what else we have to offer (including softwoods, plywoods, and custom millwork), visit us online today. And for insider tips and woodworking tricks, check out these selections from our lumber blog:

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