Domestic Species Focus: Western Red Cedar Wood

Tropical decking is definitely in vogue, but you know what? So is Western Red Cedar, a domestic species perfect for other exterior applications. While J. Gibson McIlvain Lumber focuses on multiple hardwood lumber species, we also carry a few exceptional softwood species, and Red Cedar is one of them. Introducing Western Red Cedar Why do […]

Western Red Cedar: A Species of Wood for All Seasons

Did you know that what we call a Western Red Cedar (or Redcedar) isn’t actually a Cedar at all? While it does produce an aroma similar to that of a true Cedar, the lumber sourced from a Western Red Cedar also acts similar to that of a true Cedar. Because of its rot resistance, this […]

Western Red Cedar Lumber

Western Red Cedar, which is not technically a true Cedar, is a tree from the Cypress family. It is sometimes spelled “Western Redcedar,” and, although both are truly misnomers, Western Red Cedar does exhibit many of Cedar’s same qualities. For example, Western Red Cedar is a softwood, but it is often used in outdoor applications […]

Working with Western Red Cedar

When it comes to Western Red Cedar Lumber, J. Gibson McIlvain’s inventory is second-to-none. By understanding the exceptional quality of this one-of-a-kind wood, you can appreciate the myriad applications for which it can be used. For starters, you may have heard people using alternative names for Western Red Cedar Lumber. Some of those include the […]