Domestic Species Focus: Walnut Wood

Particularly with design trends relying on extreme colors — extreme lights and extreme darks — American Black Walnut is renewing its place as a favored domestic species. No other North American lumber species can boast the same chocolate-colored heartwood, and even exotic species lack the same unusual beauty that Walnut displays. Since before the United […]

Evaluating Lumber Trends: Why Does Walnut Get Special Treatment?

We looked a little bit at how the natural characteristics of Walnut impact a project in a previous post, but now we’re going to look a little more in depth at why, exactly, that species is graded so uniquely. Maybe you don’t even realize that Walnut is graded on a different scale than other North […]

Evaluating Lumber Trends: Does Species Make a Difference?

Does wood species really make a difference? We’ll start, again, with the short answer: a resounding YES! We ended the previous post in this series on lumber trends by recommending that designers and architects keep the “undiscovered gold” of short boards in mind. Now, we’re going to take it a step further and discuss how […]

Walnut Lumber: Perfect for Interior Applications

Historically, Walnut has been prized throughout all corners of America, especially among furniture makers. Since the Colonial Era, when Walnut lumber was exported from the American Colonies back to Britain and the rest of Europe, the lumber’s beautiful appearance has been highly sought after by furniture makers and other craftsmen. Not only is the wood […]

Black Walnut Wood – Lumber Wholesale Supplier Information

American Black Walnut is a true American gem in the lumber world. This tree is prized for its deep chocolate brown color and unique variations in pattern. Useful for furniture building and interior wood working, this beautiful wood adds charm to any project. Historically exported from America to Britain, this wood gained popularity because it […]

Where’s Walnut?

Specializing in both exotic and domestic hardwood lumber, McIlvain Company stocks plenty of Black Walnut lumber in its Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut lumberyards. Unlike any other North American wood species, Black Walnut is known for its dark brown heartwood. This unusual characteristic has given the wood recognition as far back as America’s colonial days, which […]

Understanding Walnut Lumber

Walnut lumber may well be the most distinctive domestically sourced hardwood lumber on the market today. From its chocolate-colored heartwood to its easy workability, this wood is prized by craftsmen and designers, alike. Before America’s colonies united as a nation, her early settlers recognized the premium qualities of walnut lumber and began exporting it to […]