Evaluating Lumber Trends: Does Species Make a Difference?

Does wood species really make a difference? We’ll start, again, with the short answer: a resounding YES! We ended the previous post in this series on lumber trends by recommending that designers and architects keep the “undiscovered gold” of short boards in mind. Now, we’re going to take it a step further and discuss how […]

Burmese Teak vs. Plantation Teak

While the most recent issues regarding sourcing Burmese Teak may be good news for home builders, the constantly volatile lumber regulations on Myanmar certainly has lovers of Teak concerned. J. Gibson McIlvain continues to source only authentic Burmese Teak, rather than Plantation Teak. We believe that the Burmese variety displays the superior coloring and vertical […]

Good News for Home Builders: Teak Is Waiting for You

Logging bans and increased export regulations can affect the lumber market in interesting ways, and the changes in Myanmar are no exception to that rule. In this instance, the benefit falls in favor of home builders who use Teak: This formerly hard-to-obtain wood just became easier to source. Summary If you know anything about the […]

Teak Flooring

Finishing a beautiful kitchen remodel with a gorgeous floor brings full richness to the new room. Teak is an especially good choice for flooring applications because it carries a perfect combination of beauty and strength. Decorative shelving, outdoor furniture, boat building, and indoor adornments are all popular uses for this lumber. Likewise, domestic and commercial […]

Teak Lumber – Applications & Wholesale Supplier Info

Teak lumber is incredibly stable and durable, and, as a result, it is very popular for use in construction projects in the boating industry. The wood holds its shape very well, and this makes Teak lumber a great choice for yacht building projects, as well as a wide range of other projects and applications in […]

FEQ Teak – Wood FAQs & Supplier Information

An increasingly popular exotic hardwood, Teak lumber is used for applications as varied as indoor furniture and boat decking. Not all Teak is created equal, though. Quality lumber specialists like J. Gibson McIlvain buy only FEQ teak lumber that has consistent coloration and grain patterns. FEQ, or First European Quality, describes heartwood lumber without cracks, […]