Composite Product Overview: NuCedar Cladding, Part 3

NuCedar Mill might specialize in Shingles, but it certainly doesn’t stop there! These premium products are milled from strong cellular PVC and offer the rustic or traditional look of real Cedar but with a durable, yet environmentally friendly, spin. Vertical Siding Options Vertical Siding is definitely one of the most significant products offered by NuCedar […]

Composite Product Overview: NuCedar Cladding, Part 2

NuCedar products are definitely in a class all their own, when it comes to synthetics. As we mentioned previously, one major game-changing factor is that they are milled, rather than molded or poured. Available in 18 color options, 2 textures, and 3 unique exposures, all of which feature special solar-reflective coating that allows for decreased […]

Product Overview: NuCedar Cladding

J. Gibson McIlvain now carries a product that is not made from real wood. As featured on DIY’s show “This New House” with Amy Matthews and Kevin O’Connor (see video below), NuCedar products provide an option that’s both environmentally friendly and well made. One main difference between NuCedar siding, trim, and shingles and other leading […]

A New Direction for a Lumber Company: NuCedar Exterior Products

With issues like availability, sustainability, and climbing prices constantly changing the landscape of the lumber industry, we realize that many of our customers want to explore manufactured alternatives to natural wood. While real wood is truly the ultimate green building material, J. Gibson McIlvain has proven to be open minded about the potential benefits of […]