Domestic Species Focus: 3 Types of Maple

Did you know that Maple is the North American lumber species with the most widespread growth range? This remarkable tree can be found in almost every region of our continent, and J. Gibson McIlvain keeps two of the most common species, Hard and Soft Maple, as a regular part of our inventory. We’ll take a […]

Maple Lumber – Wood FAQs & Supplier Information

Well known for its distinctive leaves and unmatched beauty, the maple tree produces some of the most common and versatile lumber milled today. The trees commonly referred to as “maples” are technically part of the Acer genus; the word Acer comes from a Latin word that means “sharp,” like the multiple points of the maple […]

The Lovely Maple

During the course of a tree’s use, it can become many things. No tree is more versatile then the lovely Maple. The majority of maple’s129 species grow in Canada, where it presides on the flag, and northern USA, and this North American native supplies two types of valued lumber, several delicious treats, and endless beauty. […]