Interior Design Trends: Farmhouse Entryways and Bedroom Accent Walls

Living rooms and kitchens aren’t the only places where new trends are forming: from the entryway to the most intimate rooms of your home, a central theme is trending. What is that trend? It’s really not new at all. It’s wood. From cabinetry to walling and flooring, the most sustainable, green building material out there […]

Interior Design Trends: Multi-Functional Kitchens

Like the increasing trend toward fireplaces as living room focal points, many 2016 design trends revolve around a functional home where people do more than just sleep. Perhaps nothing makes this statement as clearly as the carefully designed, multi-functional kitchen, where people spend time preparing everyday meals as well as entertaining guests. We might consider […]

Interior Design Trends: Fireplaces and Fire Features

With so many design trends promising to explode in 2016, a few seem to have a common thread running through them. True to recent Contemporary Design priorities, this year’s trends promise to continue to borrow from nature yet reflect values of modern life — including environmental awareness and upscale appearances. The first trend we’d like […]