The Continual Flooring Trend: Real Hardwood Flooring

Interior design trends come and go, some more quickly than others. From architecture and materials to patterns and colors, many styles come and go more quickly than you can hire a decent contractor. Perhaps you’re not one to place yourself at the mercy of trend-setting sources, but you do like to mix it up a […]

Make a Dramatic Statement with Light or Dark Wood Floors

Color trends are important, when it comes to wood floors. Of course, they’re not nearly as important as color trends with other flooring materials, since wood floors can certainly be refinished and stained a different shade, as those trends change. What’s in vogue right now, when it comes to wood flooring colors? It’s all about […]

Is an Open Concept Floor Plan Right for You?

While compartmentalized floor plans were the norm back in the 1950s and 60s, most of today’s new homes have open concept floor plans. Even older homes are being renovated to match this modern ideal, but it might not be right for everyone. If you’ve lived in an older home, without an open layout, perhaps you […]

Interior Design Trends: Farmhouse Entryways and Bedroom Accent Walls

Living rooms and kitchens aren’t the only places where new trends are forming: from the entryway to the most intimate rooms of your home, a central theme is trending. What is that trend? It’s really not new at all. It’s wood. From cabinetry to walling and flooring, the most sustainable, green building material out there […]

Interior Design Trends: Multi-Functional Kitchens

Like the increasing trend toward fireplaces as living room focal points, many 2016 design trends revolve around a functional home where people do more than just sleep. Perhaps nothing makes this statement as clearly as the carefully designed, multi-functional kitchen, where people spend time preparing everyday meals as well as entertaining guests. We might consider […]

Interior Design Trends: Fireplaces and Fire Features

With so many design trends promising to explode in 2016, a few seem to have a common thread running through them. True to recent Contemporary Design priorities, this year’s trends promise to continue to borrow from nature yet reflect values of modern life — including environmental awareness and upscale appearances. The first trend we’d like […]

Choosing the Right Material for Hardwood Floors

While hardwood floors offer beauty and a fairly easy-to-maintain surface, they require care in selecting and preparing the right materials. A smooth, consistent finish and an even, flat surface are vital for a quality hardwood floor. The floor will be seen and walked across by everyone who enters the building. A well crafted hardwood floor […]

Extreme Custom Wood Flooring: A Feast for the Imagination

For those with high-end taste who want a truly unique look, Rehmeyer Extreme Custom wood floors can satisfy your appetite. Our Extreme Custom flooring transcends categories like traditional or contemporary. There’s no open stock or catalog. With your imagination as our guide, our skilled craftsmen expertly mill and creatively finish premium specimens of lumber in […]