Domestic Species Focus: Douglas Fir Wood

In addition to the many domestic and exotic hardwood species, tropical decking, and hardwood plywood which we carry, we also supply our customers with some select softwoods species, including Douglas Fir. Particularly for those customers who require timber framing and exposed beams, Douglas Fir has become a favorite species. As the popularity of such styles […]

Log Home and Timber Frame Provisions

Log homes and timber frame construction provide unique settings in which to showcase massive specimens of lumber and craftsmanship. They echo with nostalgia for a bygone era in which pegged joints and solid wood joinery were appreciated as they should be. The strength required of thick posts and gigantic trusses elicit feelings of awe. As […]

Undercover Christmas Trees

One of the first things to go after Christmas Day is the tree. But for some individuals, Christmas trees never truly leave their homes. Although the twinkling lights are gone, undercover Christmas trees still remain an integral part of their houses. These multipurpose Douglas Fir trees support the frames of many houses, and are also […]

Characteristics of Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir, a type of evergreen tree, is native to the western half of North America. There are two main species of Douglas Fir that occur naturally in North America. The first is the Coastal Douglas Fir, whose growing region spans the length of the Western coast from central British Columbia in Canada down into […]