Yasuni, Tropical Lumber, and You

Nearly two years ago, Rafael Correa, the President of Equador, announced that oil drilling in the Yasuni National Park would commence, despite the historical Yasuni-ITT initiative of 2006. While Correa had agreed to prohibit drilling in the incredibly biodiverse park (which is also home to two tribes that have little-to-no contact with other humans) if […]

Top Three Exotic Hardwoods From Africa

At J. Gibson McIlvain, we import many tropical lumber species, many of which come from Africa. We are serious about quality, though, so before we form a relationship with a new source, our highly trained experts visit the lumber mill personally. During those initial visits, we check for sustainability efforts, continuous supply, and premium quality. […]

Unusual Hardwoods Available For Wholesale

Looking for exotic hardwood to make a statement in your next project? Most wholesalers do not carry a large variety, meaning their selection might not meet your needs. McIlvain Company, on the other hand, has a vast inventory available and relationships around the globe to obtain exotic hardwoods for specialty projects. Here is a snapshot of […]