Guide to Decking Installation – Face Screwing vs. Hidden Fasteners

While the amount of gap you figure into your deck installation is somewhat dependent on the decking species you choose, the installation format you choose is truly a matter of preference. Regardless of whether you choose to go with a tropical hardwoods species, domestic softwoods, or even a composite material, you have two main choices: […]

It’s Beginning To Look a Lot Like . . . Time To Buy Ipe Decking?

As we North Americans start seeing the white stuff fly and get ready to celebrate the winter holidays, building decks is probably the last thing on our minds. As the temperatures steadily decrease, the “wintery mix” has long since buried our memories of last summer’s BBQs. However, lumber suppliers like J. Gibson McIlvain are gearing […]

Deck-Building 101: Planning for Gaps, Part 2

After reading Part 1, you’re probably wondering how in the world you’re supposed to plan for gaps! After all, you need to keep your customers happy and the decks you build safe and intact throughout the year. Relax. There is an answer. The first step is to realize that wood moves and that is a […]

Deck-Building 101: Planning for Gaps, Part 1

When it comes to the gaps between boards in a new deck, customers often have a definite opinion. They might tell you they want no gap, a ¼-inch gap, or another specific idea of exactly what they want. The problem is that regardless of the amount of gap at the time of installation, that particular […]

3 Little-Known Facts About Composite Decking

Despite the increasing popularity of composite decking in recent years, these manufactured products possess some major flaws. Particularly when you compare them to the organic materials they’re meant to replace, composites simply don’t measure up. While these products might appear similar to the tropical hardwood lumber they replace, the similarities don’t even go beyond the […]

3 Comfort-Level Concerns Over Composite Decking Materials

As lumber suppliers with centuries of experience with organic materials, J. Gibson McIlvain certainly has a vested interest in preserving the image of lumber decking species. At the same time, there are significant concerns over the growing market for composite decking materials. While environmental lobbyists assert that these manmade materials are actually better for the […]