Where Has All the Beautiful Mahogany Gone? Part 2

The shifts in how Genuine Mahogany is sawn and graded is proving disastrous for this once prized lumber species. In Part 1 we looked at exactly what’s contributing to the problem, as well as how it might have been prevented and then what’s actually going on. We doubt the NGOs are listening, but in case […]

Where Has All the Beautiful Mahogany Gone? Part 1

There’s no doubt about the beauty and working qualities of Genuine Mahogany; no one is debating those issues. Since the 1700s, this premium lumber species has been appreciated by cabinet makers, furniture makers, and other craftsmen. Sadly, though, anyone who works with Mahogany has noticed a continual downward trend in recent years, when it comes […]

A Tale of Two Mahogany Alternatives

A traditional favorite used in furniture and high-end millwork, Mahogany has a rich history spanning hundreds of years. Sadly, its rising price point has made this species less accessible for many woodworkers. As regulation of Mahogany has increased, the supply chain has added additional cost, leaving many once-devout Mahogany fans with more questions than answers. […]

African Mahogany as an Alternative to Genuine Mahogany

African Mahogany refers to more than one species of wood, but the two species most commonly sold under the name are Khaya ivorensis and Khaya senegalensis. African Mahogany is one of Genuine Mahogany’s most famous substitutes, but despite this common usage, the wood is in many respects quite different from Genuine Mahogany. While African Mahogany […]

Top Three Exotic Hardwoods From Africa

At J. Gibson McIlvain, we import many tropical lumber species, many of which come from Africa. We are serious about quality, though, so before we form a relationship with a new source, our highly trained experts visit the lumber mill personally. During those initial visits, we check for sustainability efforts, continuous supply, and premium quality. […]

African Lumber Species and Sustainability

For exotic hardwood lumber aficionados, African species are part of a bad news/good news scenario. The bad news is that as the available supply of popular South American lumber species such as Genuine Mahogany continues to dwindle, the prices tend to skyrocket. The good news is that several comparable African species are comparatively plentiful. Realizing […]