Bruynzeel Marine-Grade Plywood

At J. Gibson McIlvain, we’ve found that boat builders have a special appreciation for the 100% weather resistant plies of Bruynzeel marine-grade plywood that we supply. The BS1088 certification clearly communicates this manufactured wood product’s suitability to boat building. We’re so impressed with the high quality of this product that we’ve decided to do more than carry it; we’re now exclusively distributing Bruynzeel plywood throughout North America. That allows us to import it directly from Le Vanneau, France, instead of working with brokers and other middlemen. Not only does this mean a lower cost, but it will also result in a more reliable supply chain. Now we’ll be able to provide our customers this excellent plywood product at an even better price and with more options available. But why are we so excited about Bruynzeel marine-grade plywood? Read on to find out.

Sure, there are many plywood manufacturers that throw around the phrase “marine-grade” and even earn BS 1088 grading. However, Bruynzeel is one of the few that can actually withstand full submersion in water and a full range of environmental fluctuations and conditions. Of course, all truly waterproof and weather resistant ply carries the BS 1088 designation, but Bruynzeel actually takes that grade to a whole new level, producing a higher grade that does not have a distinct classification.

First, Gaboon, a completely weather-resistant species, is used for the panel. Gaboon is closely related to Okoume, which is used for many other lumber products. Like Okoume, Gaboon has a consistent grain; it also boasts a weather resistance on par with Mahogany. Face veneers and other plies are also made from high-quality Gaboon veneers that have been steamed. Face veneers contain no defects or joints, creating a premium barrier to moisture, along with the solid veneer sheet that coats the exterior. In addition to the weather-resistant panel, face veneers, and other plies, the joining adds additional strength to the product because WBF (weather and boil proof) phenolic glue is used.

But lumber quality and joining mechanism are only part of the equation that leads to high end marine-grade ply: Quality manufacturing is also key. The Hechthout patented process used here at McIlvain Company produces an extremely stable, flat, rigid, and lightweight panel that’s ideal for the boat-building industry. The single-sheet face veneer looks a lot like Mahogany, adding beauty to its long list of prize characteristics. What’s more, the tight grain creates a smooth surface that can finish like glass. Boat builders who care about performance will be impressed by the result.

In fact, we know many boat-builders who won’t use anything but Bruynzeel panels. They know that when they use Bruynzeel, they won’t face warping, rot, or de-laminated panels. Instead, they’re given a 20-year guarantee.

As a direct importer of Bruynzeel marine-grade plywood, J. Gibson McIlvain is thrilled to offer competitive pricing on thicknesses ranging from 1/8” to 1”, ready to ship from our lumber yard to anywhere in North America. And because we are also home to one of the nation’s most impressive inventories of domestic and exotic hardwoods and softwoods, we can also include Teak or other solid wood species for your boat’s interior, allowing you to save significantly on shipping prices.

For over 200 years, McIlvain has been a lumber industry leader. And with their vast inventory, their stringent quality control standards, and their unmatched expertise, it’s no wonder why. If you are in need of lumber of lumber-related services, contact McIlvain today with any questions. For more information, click here to visit them online, or check out these selections from their lumber blog:

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