Swells, Cups and Warps! Oh My!

The ability of wood to adapt to climate change is one of its more admirable qualities. Understanding this quality is essential to a sturdy lasting structure. Every species of wood will move differently and every cut of wood will move on its own. These movements are predictable and controllable if not altogether preventable. Wood is […]

Teak Flooring

Finishing a beautiful kitchen remodel with a gorgeous floor brings full richness to the new room. Teak is an especially good choice for flooring applications because it carries a perfect combination of beauty and strength. Decorative shelving, outdoor furniture, boat building, and indoor adornments are all popular uses for this lumber. Likewise, domestic and commercial […]

The Lovely Maple

During the course of a tree’s use, it can become many things. No tree is more versatile then the lovely Maple. The majority of maple’s129 species grow in Canada, where it presides on the flag, and northern USA, and this North American native supplies two types of valued lumber, several delicious treats, and endless beauty. […]

Iron Ipe

Anyone who owns a wood deck knows the woes of staining, rotting, and warping. The beauty, leisure, and comfort of a wood deck can fade when it comes to deck care. Ipe is the lumber for people who wish to have a beautiful wooden deck without all the hassle. Any deck owner would be lucky […]

Key Differences Between Cherry And Mahogany

Cherishing beautiful wood is not a new thing. Sculpture, furniture, and buildings constructed from high quality wood all over the world date back generations. Two such prized woods are Cherry and Mahogany. Many people have problems telling Cherry and Mahogany apart because of their many similarities, and it’s no wonder why: Both are dark reddish […]

Undercover Christmas Trees

One of the first things to go after Christmas Day is the tree. But for some individuals, Christmas trees never truly leave their homes. Although the twinkling lights are gone, undercover Christmas trees still remain an integral part of their houses. These multipurpose Douglas Fir trees support the frames of many houses, and are also […]

Unusual Hardwoods Available For Wholesale

Looking for exotic hardwood to make a statement in your next project? Most wholesalers do not carry a large variety, meaning their selection might not meet your needs. McIlvain Company, on the other hand, has a vast inventory available and relationships around the globe to obtain exotic hardwoods for specialty projects. Here is a snapshot of […]