A New Direction for a Lumber Company: NuCedar Exterior Products

Nucedar blue siding

NuCedar blue siding

With issues like availability, sustainability, and climbing prices constantly changing the landscape of the lumber industry, we realize that many of our customers want to explore manufactured alternatives to natural wood. While real wood is truly the ultimate green building material, J. Gibson McIlvain has proven to be open minded about the potential benefits of manufactured building materials. At the same time, we’ve generally seen major problems with both quality and environmental factors surrounding composite buying materials.

While it might seem that our reasons for opposing these newer manufactured wood alternatives are sinister, keep this in mind: We could easily expand our business to include them, if we so desire. Until recently, however, we have decided not to do so, in favor of sticking to our longstanding commitment to traditional principles of quality and responsibility. After careful testing and research, we have decided to offer our first non-lumber building product line: NuCedar.

NuCedar shingles

NuCedar shingles

Environmental Concerns

One of the chief concerns over using manufactured building materials instead of naturally occurring ones is environmental. Lumber, after all, is sustainable and completely biodegradable. While NuCedar products aren’t quite as green as what occurs naturally, they are quite distinct from other products on the market.

Composed entirely of PVC, NuCedar products are completely recyclable. Without the fear of their taking up landfill space for centuries, we thought they were worth a second look.

The longevity of these materials tops those of most other manufactured building materials, further lessening their environmental impact. In fact, NuCedar products actually qualify for coveted LEED design values. Providing a green alternative to wood siding, moulding, trim, and shingles, NuCedar products are worthy of consideration.

Milling NuCedar

Milling NuCedar

Maintenance Issues

The durability of a product is understandably a major issue to most customers. Most composite materials are inferior to real wood, in this regard. However, NuCedar products undergo a finishing process similar to automotive finishing that stands the test of time. NuCedar stands behind its claim to durability by offering a 25-year transferable warranty.

Appearance Concerns

In addition to their environmental impact and lack of durability, many manufactured building products fail to make the grade when it comes to their appearance. Unlike other products that are produced using molds, NuCedar products are milled, just like lumber is. As a result, they appear more similar to wood.

NuCedar board & batten

NuCedar board & batten

At the same time, NuCedar offers something which wood does not: 18 color options and pre-finishing that mimics a fresh paint job. Other options include rough-sawn or smooth textures for both siding and shingles.

Streamlined Process

Thanks to the pre-finished nature of NuCedar products, contractors and homeowners can benefit by needing fewer subcontractors and less time and money involved in a project. Without painting and staining (or re-painting and re-staining) needed, the simplicity and savings provide added value.

While offering NuCedar definitely means a shift from our usual method of operation, J. Gibson McIlvain Lumber is pleased to offer our customers these cutting-edge exterior products from NuCedar Mills.

NuCedar grey siding shingles

NuCedar grey siding shingles

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