McIlvain: A Lumber Supplier with Old-Growth Strength

The J. Gibson McIlvain lumber company lives up to its industry-wide reputation still today but owes its current status to its pre-Revolutionary-war roots. Beginning over two centuries ago, the McIlvain family has owned and operated one of America’s premier lumber suppliers since before its states were all settled, never mind united. Just like plantation-grown wood often falls short of the … Continue

Catering to Cabinet and Furniture Makers

J. Gibson McIlvain helps craftsman produce fine workmanship by supplying premium raw materials for all kinds of cabinetry and furniture projects. From commercial office interiors and custom built-in designs to antique restoration pieces to modern furnishings, J. Gibson McIlvain has the top-quality materials you need for your next project. Two of the craftsmen we specialize in supplying are cabinet … Continue

How To Eliminate Plywood Confusion

The plywood market is a difficult one to discern, and no one is arguing that fact. But that doesn’t mean you can’t become better able to navigate the twists and turns that are part of the plywood industry. In short, your confusion doesn’t have to be a permanent condition. In addition to the suggestions we make in our “Buyer’s Guide to Quality Plywood," we’d like to offer a recommendation that … Continue

Thinking Outside the Box About Lumber Sizes, Part 3

We’ve already looked at two ways you can save money, help eliminate waste, and enjoy higher quality lumber: Purchase narrow or shorter boards.  In both cases, you’re purchasing smaller boards for a lower price-per-board-foot. (There’s more to pricing than size, but that’s besides the point.) Depending on your job, the smaller size may not be a problem — but it probably won’t be a huge benefit, … Continue

Latest Articles

Domestic Species Focus: Western Red Cedar Wood

Tropical decking is definitely in vogue, but you know what? So is Western Red Cedar, a domestic species perfect for other exterior applications. While J. Gibson McIlvain Lumber focuses on multiple hardwood lumber species, we also carry a few exceptional softwood species, and Red Cedar is one of them. Introducing Western Red Cedar Why do […]

Domestic Species Focus: Walnut Wood

Particularly with design trends relying on extreme colors — extreme lights and extreme darks — American Black Walnut is renewing its place as a favored domestic species. No other North American lumber species can boast the same chocolate-colored heartwood, and even exotic species lack the same unusual beauty that Walnut displays. Since before the United […]

Domestic Species Focus: Douglas Fir Wood

In addition to the many domestic and exotic hardwood species, tropical decking, and hardwood plywood which we carry, we also supply our customers with some select softwoods species, including Douglas Fir. Particularly for those customers who require timber framing and exposed beams, Douglas Fir has become a favorite species. As the popularity of such styles […]

Domestic Species Focus: Cherry Wood

With roots meandering as far back as the Colonial period of America’s history, the J. Gibson McIlvain Lumber enterprise can trace beginnings back to 1740, even before the American Revolution. Just in time for the urban sprawl of Philadelphia and westward expansion of our fledgling nation, Hugh McIlvain established a new lumber business on the […]

Domestic Species Focus: 3 Types of Maple

Did you know that Maple is the North American lumber species with the most widespread growth range? This remarkable tree can be found in almost every region of our continent, and J. Gibson McIlvain keeps two of the most common species, Hard and Soft Maple, as a regular part of our inventory. We’ll take a […]

Domestic Species Focus: Alaskan Yellow Cedar

Alaskan Yellow Cedar is actually a member of the Cypress family. Like Western Red Cedar, it has become associated with Cedar trees because of its aromatic quality and similar texture. Unlike Red Cedar with its more widespread growth range, Alaskan Yellow Cedar can be easily sourced and matched. Highly available and ideal for a variety […]

Domestic Species Focus: 2 Species of Oak

Domestic hardwood lumber species such as Maple and Walnut are certainly part of our nation’s rich history. At the same time, one could argue that Oak is even more representative of our rich lumber heritage. Two specific species, White Oak and Red Oak, are still widely available today, making them both affordable hardwood options for […]