Picking lumber at J Gibson McIlvain

McIlvain: A Lumber Supplier with Old-Growth Strength

The J. Gibson McIlvain lumber company lives up to its industry-wide reputation still today but owes its current status to its pre-Revolutionary-war roots. Beginning over two centuries ago, the McIlvain family has owned and operated one of America’s premier lumber suppliers since before its states were all settled, never mind united. Just like plantation-grown wood often falls short of the … Continue

woodworking tools for furniture makers

Catering to Cabinet and Furniture Makers

J. Gibson McIlvain helps craftsman produce fine workmanship by supplying premium raw materials for all kinds of cabinetry and furniture projects. From commercial office interiors and custom built-in designs to antique restoration pieces to modern furnishings, J. Gibson McIlvain has the top-quality materials you need for your next project. Two of the craftsmen we specialize in supplying are cabinet … Continue

Cherry Plywood

Hardwood Plywood

Plywood is a type of wood that is engineered in such a way that it is well-suited to a wide variety of applications. Plywood is manufactured by adhering multiple layers of wood veneer - extremely thin layers of wood - to one another with a special type of durable glue. When the veneer layers are glued together, they are usually attached with their grain patterns at right angles to one another … Continue

fresh cut wood boards pile

Thinking Outside the Box About Lumber Sizes, Part 3

We’ve already looked at two ways you can save money, help eliminate waste, and enjoy higher quality lumber: Purchase narrow or shorter boards.  In both cases, you’re purchasing smaller boards for a lower price-per-board-foot. (There’s more to pricing than size, but that’s besides the point.) Depending on your job, the smaller size may not be a problem — but it probably won’t be a huge benefit, … Continue

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Guide to Decking Installation – Face Screwing vs. Hidden Fasteners

While the amount of gap you figure into your deck installation is somewhat dependent on the decking species you choose, the installation format you choose is truly a matter of preference. Regardless of whether you choose to go with a tropical hardwoods species, domestic softwoods, or even a composite material, you have two main choices: […]

Interior Design Trends: Farmhouse Entryways and Bedroom Accent Walls

Living rooms and kitchens aren’t the only places where new trends are forming: from the entryway to the most intimate rooms of your home, a central theme is trending. What is that trend? It’s really not new at all. It’s wood. From cabinetry to walling and flooring, the most sustainable, green building material out there […]

Interior Design Trends: Multi-Functional Kitchens

Like the increasing trend toward fireplaces as living room focal points, many 2016 design trends revolve around a functional home where people do more than just sleep. Perhaps nothing makes this statement as clearly as the carefully designed, multi-functional kitchen, where people spend time preparing everyday meals as well as entertaining guests. We might consider […]

Interior Design Trends: Fireplaces and Fire Features

With so many design trends promising to explode in 2016, a few seem to have a common thread running through them. True to recent Contemporary Design priorities, this year’s trends promise to continue to borrow from nature yet reflect values of modern life — including environmental awareness and upscale appearances. The first trend we’d like […]

Pioneer Collection Pine Floors

Since 1995, Rehmeyer Wood Floors has been crafting one-of-a-kind wide plank hardwood flooring in our York County, Pennsylvania, mill. Among the many Custom Collections and Species we offer, one of our customer favorites is our Pioneer Collection Pine flooring. Pioneer Collection Basics The Pioneer Collection from Rehmeyer begins with top quality hardwood flooring that’s specially […]

Where Has All the Beautiful Mahogany Gone? Part 2

The shifts in how Genuine Mahogany is sawn and graded is proving disastrous for this once prized lumber species. In Part 1 we looked at exactly what’s contributing to the problem, as well as how it might have been prevented and then what’s actually going on. We doubt the NGOs are listening, but in case […]

Where Has All the Beautiful Mahogany Gone? Part 1

There’s no doubt about the beauty and working qualities of Genuine Mahogany; no one is debating those issues. Since the 1700s, this premium lumber species has been appreciated by cabinet makers, furniture makers, and other craftsmen. Sadly, though, anyone who works with Mahogany has noticed a continual downward trend in recent years, when it comes […]